Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Real Lemon

A Real Lemon

     Eighteen years ago, I took my daughter shopping for a used car for her.  After a long search, I found what I thought would be the perfect little car, a gray Toyota.  The car was not the nicest looking automobile on the lot, but when we drove it, the car purred like a kitten.  The price was right, and I was ready to seal the deal when my daughter spied a very nice looking Hyundai that was newer and looked much nicer for the same price.  That did it!  She wanted the Hyundai, so we bought the Hyundai.  Buying that Hyundai was the worst decision I have ever made.  It was in and out of the garage and was a constant drain on my wallet.  After eight months, we gave up and traded it in for almost nothing.

     Today California has a law entitled the Lemon Law which enables a buyer to return such a vehicle as the one described above to the seller for another vehicle.  California Lemon Law attorneys will work with people who have bought cars that are "lemons" to help them get their money back or another car to replace the malfunctioning vehicle.  Certified Pre-owned cars are now treated as new cars under California Lemon law.  If I had one of these California Lemon law lawyers then who would have met with me and guided me through the process, assuming the same laws, I would have saved a bundle of money.

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