Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It was the week of the final exam when I started to have a  throbbing headache. I took some medicine, but it didn't help much. I started to freak out  because I had books to study, word problems to practice, and papers to write. I went to school to study two days before the final. I felt okay for an hour, but after that, the headache became unbearable, so I decided to go  to the clinic to ask for two pills of  Excedrin.  The nurse in the clinic looked at me closely and started to throw some questions at me while she took my temperature and blood pressure. I heard her say,

Nurse: Your stress level is so high.
Me: Is the stress causing this headache?
Nurse:  Yes, you need to go home and take a good nap.
Me: I can't do that; I need to study. My final is in two day. 
 Nurse : You have to go home now and take a long bath. Play some mellow music that will help you relax and light some candles around the tub.
Me:  That would help lower down my stress?
Nurse: Yes.
Me: Thanks for the advice, but I just need some medicine and I will be okay again.
This time, she looked really so unhappy.
Me: The thing is, I can't take a nap.  I need to get  "A's" on my final exams.
Nurse: You will get a stroke instead of an "A" if you don't listen to me.

She was dead serious when she said it, so I just said okay. She gave me the medicine and let me go. She was probably hoping I would go home to  take that long bath in my tub with bubbles,  candles, and mellow music. I went to the library and tried to push myself to study, but the headache came back after the medicine wore off. I ended up sleeping sitting in a chair, which never in my whole life could I close my eyes in public places.

I took my final with the  excruciating headache, but I made it. It's funny because right after finals week, the headaches just disappeared. Yes, it was stress all right! I hope that I am able to handle my stress next semester.

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