Sunday, February 26, 2012

Minimize the Pain

     Having a wonderful family life in which almost every activity involves each one of us, I find it hard to imagine needing to find a lawyer for settlement of a painful divorce, including child custody proceedings; yet practicality tells me that in some instances, these situations cannot be avoided.  As a matter of fact, a good friend recently went through just such a situation.  Understanding this, knowing how to locate the proper legal assistance in such an instance can help to minimize, to an extent, the pain one suffers when going through divorce proceedings.  Good family lawyers can help guide one through these proceedings with a minimal amount of damage.  Again, when I use the term "minimal," I am not attempting to minimize the trauma of such a process, but rather speaking in comparative terms to what it could be.  I fully understand that there is no way to reduce the actual pain and emotional trauma involved in a divorce settlement; however, protection of one's legal rights by experts can avoid some situations of irretrievable loss.  Fortunately, in my friend's case, the proceedings were fairly amicable; however, I have another friend from the distant past who went through a more bitter and painful process from which he never fully recovered.  Neither of these friends ever thought they would need legal assistance for settlement in family court,but they would later find that they desperately needed assistance; therefore, it is nice to have somewhere to turn if the need arises.  Barrie family lawyers provide assistance in all areas of family legal matters should the need arise.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pancakes for a wonderful husband

Last night after dinner, my husband gave our boys their bath, read them their books and tucked them in their beds while  I was  studying in the living room. Then he cleaned the table, and later on, I heard the dishes being washed.  It was around ten o'clock when he handed me a mug of coffee, sat down beside me and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?"  My heart swelled. I said, "Yes, I have some school work I need help with."  He smiled and said, "I will help you."  He did; he stayed with me until we finished my work. We went to bed late that night. It was around eight this morning when I heard Matt, my oldest boy, ask his little brother if he wanted strawberries for breakfast.  Since my boys can eat 5 pounds of strawberry for breakfast, I immediately got up and told them, "No, I will be making you pancakes with strawberries, bananas and blueberries for toppings. Hubby had breakfast in bed, and I told him how much I appreciated his help. My little boys enjoyed their pancakes too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Assume; Plan Ahead!

     The loss of a spouse is a painful experience.  No one knows that better than I.  However, while the loss of a loved one causes tremendous pain, it does not have to be devastating.  Knowing that one's spouse is with Jesus in heaven can alleviate the pain to a degree even while the sense of loss abides.  If one has had the forethought to plan ahead to avoid financial disaster, one can avoid the financial disaster that frequently strikes when one partner in the marriage is lost.  Whether the spouse stays at home to provide care for the family or goes to work to supplement the family income, the loss of that individual can be positively devastating.  In order to fill the gap either in income or at home, monetary resources are needed.     
      Planning ahead to avoid disaster in the event of death can reduce the financial pain at such a time.  The present is the best time to plan for such an exigency in order to get the best insurance rates.  Rates do not get any lower as the years pile up, and many times certain illnesses will preclude the possibility of getting insured.  I honestly thought that I would precede my spouse in death; therefore, I was not too concerned with insurance for her.  I insured myself and carried only a minimal amount on my wife.  Had it not been for social security and two gifts from the Lord's people, my family would have been financially devastated when my spouse died.  Twenty-three years later I have learned not to make such assumptions.  Preparing for the worst is always a wise decision.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breaking my healthy eating resolution for the Super Bowl

Guest post written by Renee Sanders
           One resolution that I've actually been sticking to so far is healthy eating. It's always something that I try and do each year but I break about a week into it. Well, I decided that this would be the year that I'd stick with healthy eating. But I broke my resolution just for the Super Bowl party that I just hosted.
            I went all out with barbecue wings and all kinds of stuff like that. When I was online looking at some recipes, I ran across some info on debt settlement and I decided to consult that website to help settle my family's debt.
            I found a really awesome recipe for barbecue wings that I fixed and I think that everyone thought they were really awesome. But I also made sure to fill out the rest of my food spread with some football shaped cupcakes, some spinach and artichoke dip and all kinds of stuff. I also made sure to decorate my house in nice football decorations so that everyone really got into the mood.

Identity Protection

     Not too long ago the importance of protecting my identity and acquiring a periodic credit report was impressed upon me when someone tried to use my bank card number in a purchase all the way across the United States.  Although I have no firm evidence to pin anything on a given individual, I do have strong suspicions about who perpetrated this deed.  The important thing is that the attempt failed due to the alertness of an employee at my credit union.  This particular employee noticed a discrepancy in transactions where one took place on the East coast within hours of a second taking place in Colorado.  Thanks to the vigilance of this employee, that transaction was denied.  I was notified by my credit union and then I changed all my account information, including acquiring a new card.

     Since that event took place, I have come to understand the importance of being proactive when protecting my identity and financial affairs.   A simple solution to this problem is to take advantage of the availability of free credit score checks from time to time.  This is a simple means of alerting myself to any intrusions into my financial life.  Taking a few minutes now can save tremendous amounts of time, vast financial resources and a lot of emotional stress by protecting oneself from theft, either financial or identity.  My family's financial security is worth the effort to protect it completely.

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