Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Assume; Plan Ahead!

     The loss of a spouse is a painful experience.  No one knows that better than I.  However, while the loss of a loved one causes tremendous pain, it does not have to be devastating.  Knowing that one's spouse is with Jesus in heaven can alleviate the pain to a degree even while the sense of loss abides.  If one has had the forethought to plan ahead to avoid financial disaster, one can avoid the financial disaster that frequently strikes when one partner in the marriage is lost.  Whether the spouse stays at home to provide care for the family or goes to work to supplement the family income, the loss of that individual can be positively devastating.  In order to fill the gap either in income or at home, monetary resources are needed.     
      Planning ahead to avoid disaster in the event of death can reduce the financial pain at such a time.  The present is the best time to plan for such an exigency in order to get the best insurance rates.  Rates do not get any lower as the years pile up, and many times certain illnesses will preclude the possibility of getting insured.  I honestly thought that I would precede my spouse in death; therefore, I was not too concerned with insurance for her.  I insured myself and carried only a minimal amount on my wife.  Had it not been for social security and two gifts from the Lord's people, my family would have been financially devastated when my spouse died.  Twenty-three years later I have learned not to make such assumptions.  Preparing for the worst is always a wise decision.

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