Saturday, June 2, 2012

Charmed by a Snake

     Both my sons have this morbid fascination with snakes.  I will never understand why as I detest and fear them.  While both the elder and younger son are fascinated by snakes, the younger is absolutely fearless around them.  That caution lack of recently got him in trouble when he picked up a stone in the garden and uncovered a garter snake about ten inches in length.  He immediately allowed his natural curiosity to get the best of him and touched the snake on the head.  At the tender age of five, Everett learned a valuable lesson.  Keep your hands away from the head of a snake!  He never cried until much later when telling the story we did not believe him.  However, we had to believe him when his brother backed his story, and he showed us two bloody fang marks on his finger.  Later that day, to our great consternation, Everett entered our house, the souvenir from the incident earlier in the day dangling from his hand.  His brother had killed the snake, and now he wanted us to see it.  I only hope that he does not make snake handling a profession someday.

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