Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kids! Say the Funniest Things

     One day recently I was secretly privy to an amusing conversation between my two sons.  The eldest, Matthew, was addressing my youngest, Everett, in the most serious of tones.  This conversation took place shortly after my youngest son had been disciplined for his disobedience.  "Everett," Matthew pontificated, "I don't think you have a brain."
     My youngest son was quick to defend himself.  "Yes, I do have a brain, Matthew," Everett returned calmly.
     "No, I don't believe you do, Everett.  You don't listen to Mommy and Daddy.  If you had a brain, You would listen to them, replied Matthew.
     Neither boy realized I was listening to what they were saying.  The whole conversation was very serious and totally without rancor.  While my boys do squabble from time to time, this was not one of those times.Bursting with laughter, I had to get away quickly before they realized that Mommy was listening.

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