Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding the Right Wedding Decorations

            Preparing for a wedding is hard work. Our wedding was a simple one, but the preparation was a "piece of work." It was exhausting both mentally and physically. I decided to pick a pink color for my wedding motif because it is my favorite color. Then I had to pick the shade of pink, and there were many shades of pink colors from which to choose. That alone took time for me to decide which one I wanted.  My husband and I drove many miles to buy wedding decorations, and when we did not find the ones we were seeking,  we had to drive to the next store. It was a mentally and physically draining experience. Having just come from the Philippines to the United States, I was totally unprepared for the daunting task ahead of me.  Fortunately, my husband-to-be was willing and able to assist me in the preparations.  However, it still would have been easier had we been able to consult a site such as Weddingstar for our wedding decorations.  With over 3,000 decorations to choose from and a team of willing consultants to assist, it would have made preparations for our wedding so much easier.  Weddingstar can take the pain out of finding appropriate wedding decorations and making wedding preparations.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grabbing Their Attention

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This year my husband is starting to homeschool our children which will add a new and very different dimension to our homelife.  Not wanting to place our children in the public school, we decided to have my husband retire and teach the boys at home.   Part of our plan has been to make one room the room for the boys' schooling and decorate it to maintain a school atmosphere to aid in the learning process and grab their attention.  Finding the right materials to catch their attention is important.  Fortunately, we were able to find a great source of materials called Astrobrights.  These sheets of brilliantly colored paper are great for both decorating and for arts and crafts, so it was an ideal fit for what we needed.

Not only will these materials be useful for our homeschooling, but they will also be a great addition to my crafts projects.  I make hair clips to sell and I can use Astrobrights for flyers and in advertising as well as backdrop for my crafts when I sell them at fairs.  These AstroBrights papers have such bold colors that they truly do grab one's attention while providing an attractive display.

At the moment , one can actively participate in a promotion which is really great.  This contest, "Give a Brighter Schoolyear," enables one to win a cash prize and supplies for the school of his choice valued at $30,000  by simply going to their site and filling out the entry.  Other individual prizes are available in this family friendly giveaway called Make Something Astrobright where you design creative challenges to encourage readers of your facebook page or your tweets to participate. 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorite son

We were on our car on our way back home from Pennsylvania when hubby started to tell our boys another Bible story. It was the story of Issac and Rebekah and their two twins, Jacob and Esau. Obviously, Rebeka's favorite son was Jacob; in fact she helped Jacob deceived Isaac to get the blessings. It was in the middle of the story when I asked my kids
"do you think mommy has a favorite?" I held my breath. I never ask this question ever and it was a silly one.
"oh yes!" I heard Matthew said, our eldest. I was a little bit concern and so I asked
"who's mommy's favorite?"
"dad" Matthew said. Both hubby and I laughed.
"what made you say that?" I asked
"because you always hug each other.." he continued

"always together.."
"you love each other" this was from Everett
Hubby then started to tell them the importance of love in a family. I am glad that they know that their dad and mom love each other and most importantly, they know that their mom tries her best to treat them fairly.

Tell the truth

We were just about to have our dinner when hubby passed a gas. Big time! I was really stunned when Everett asked me
"Mommy, did you fart?"
"no" I replied with a tune that says "are you kidding me?"
Matthew who was sitting beside him said
"it was Daddy"
Everett looked at me seriously and innocently
"Mommy, are you telling truth?" he asked again 
"Yes Everett, I am telling the truth" I said trying not to smile
Matthew said again that it was dad, but Everett looked at me and said in finality
"You know Mommy, you need to tell the truth"
I started to laugh. He can tease me alright.
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