Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding the Right Wedding Decorations

            Preparing for a wedding is hard work. Our wedding was a simple one, but the preparation was a "piece of work." It was exhausting both mentally and physically. I decided to pick a pink color for my wedding motif because it is my favorite color. Then I had to pick the shade of pink, and there were many shades of pink colors from which to choose. That alone took time for me to decide which one I wanted.  My husband and I drove many miles to buy wedding decorations, and when we did not find the ones we were seeking,  we had to drive to the next store. It was a mentally and physically draining experience. Having just come from the Philippines to the United States, I was totally unprepared for the daunting task ahead of me.  Fortunately, my husband-to-be was willing and able to assist me in the preparations.  However, it still would have been easier had we been able to consult a site such as Weddingstar for our wedding decorations.  With over 3,000 decorations to choose from and a team of willing consultants to assist, it would have made preparations for our wedding so much easier.  Weddingstar can take the pain out of finding appropriate wedding decorations and making wedding preparations.


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