Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorite son

We were on our car on our way back home from Pennsylvania when hubby started to tell our boys another Bible story. It was the story of Issac and Rebekah and their two twins, Jacob and Esau. Obviously, Rebeka's favorite son was Jacob; in fact she helped Jacob deceived Isaac to get the blessings. It was in the middle of the story when I asked my kids
"do you think mommy has a favorite?" I held my breath. I never ask this question ever and it was a silly one.
"oh yes!" I heard Matthew said, our eldest. I was a little bit concern and so I asked
"who's mommy's favorite?"
"dad" Matthew said. Both hubby and I laughed.
"what made you say that?" I asked
"because you always hug each other.." he continued

"always together.."
"you love each other" this was from Everett
Hubby then started to tell them the importance of love in a family. I am glad that they know that their dad and mom love each other and most importantly, they know that their mom tries her best to treat them fairly.

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