Thursday, August 30, 2012

Early Field Trip

     This year my husband is homeschooling our boys.  We decided-at my prodding- to take them to see Jonah and the Whale at the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I love that area and really enjoy our visits there.  It was a great day for our family with beautiful blue skies, cool temperatures, and a bright sun.  We stopped here just outside Smoketown to enjoy a buffet of great Pennsylvania Dutch food before going to the show.  The show was fantastic!  My elder son could not contain his curiosity as to how they were able to achieve all the special effects.We all really enjoyed our first field trip early in the school year.  For more blue skies, visit Skywatch Friday.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peace During the Storm

      Assateague Island, one of my favorite places to camp, was also the scene of a rather harrowing adventure my first trip there.  We had gone to camp with another family who were close friends, and when we arrived, we received word that a tropical storm was on the way.  We set up camp that afternoon under a bright sun, but as the day lengthened, the sky grew ominously dark.  The wind picked up and the waves started to crash onto the shore.  Hoping the storm would pass out to sea, we spent a few fun if somewhat nervous hours around the campfire that evening.  Around eight o'clock a fine drizzle developed, soon turning into a driving rain.  By midnight a howling wind enveloped us, so strong that Hubby had to hold the tent supports to keep the tent from flattening on top of us.  It seemed as though that wind lasted forever, but it really was only a few hours before the fierce winds abated.  Finally we were able to get some sleep.  Somehow, despite the ferocity of the storm, I really felt a peace knowing that the Lord would protect us. 
     Today this is an experience I enjoy reliving in my mind.  I love Assateague and have been back once in the intervening years and would like to go again.  Where else can one see this kind of beauty, roaring seas flattening out to a serene, shimmering, blue surface just a couple days after the storm; wild horses and deer coming right into camp, and beautiful sandy beaches.  Oh, I forgot to mention a major benefit of the storm.  The strong winds blew all the mosquitoes inland, so we did not have to deal with them.  Visit  Scenic Sunday for other great places to see. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fluffy White Clouds in an Azure Sky

     Looking back over some photos from the past, I came upon these photos of a beautiful day in Indiana.  The clouds floating high in the sky took on many different shapes, exciting my little boys  who were imagining all kinds of animals, even dinosaurs, up there in the sky.  It was fun just to hear  them pretending to see all these different animals up in the sky, weaving little stories about them.  For more great sky photos, visit Skywatch Friday.

Duckls on a Pond

     Well, ducks and a swan on a pond really.  This was taken on a brisk autumn day last year outside Boston, Massachusetts.   The swan here looks so regal and serene in the top photo while the mallard almost seems to be striking a protective pose, ready to drive intruders off his territory.  I always enjoy observing waterfowl on the water. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Down Memory Lane

     I came upon this photo taken shortly after my younger sister arrived from the Philippines.  Spending some time together before her marriage to an American friend, we traveled to Michigan where this photo was taken of her with my husband and two boys.  There was something dark and mysterious about this path that drew us to explore.  This was a beautiful area that I will never forget.  See more lovely scenes at Scenic Sunday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Cousin!

An Aerial Circus

     This past spring I was privileged to accompany my eldest son on a field trip to Andrews Airforce Base just outside Washington, D.C.  The field trip was to see their annual air show, a thrilling combination of demonstration of skills and breathtaking stunts performed in mid air.  It was a beautiful day providing the perfect backdrop for an exciting performance that kept us on the edge of seats with pounding pulse from time to time.  The show featuring the Blue Angels was fantastic.  Trails of exhaust from the jets as they performed hair raising stunts added interesting white curlicues to an azure sky.  The only downside to a wonderful day was the heat which was almost unbearable by early afternoon. Other amazing sky scenes may be found on Skywatch Friday.
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