Wednesday, September 12, 2012

He "Leaded" Me!

     As can be seen by these pictures, both of my sons are real climbers.  Not too long ago, I was conversing with a fellow student in the city of Washington, D.C.  Looking around and hearing my son's cheery "Hey Mom!" I glanced up to see him mounted atop a street sign, grinning down at me.  Today I found them both on the clothes pole outside our house.  However, the younger one pictured above, came running to us crying about his hand which he complained was burning him.  I checked his hand, and sure enough, there was a blister which he had gotten sliding down the rope on our rope swing.  He had climbed up about ten feet and rubbed a blister on his hand when he came back down.  He was emulating his older brother who had climbed about fifteen feet up and was encouraging him to do likewise.  Many times Matthew treats Everett's achievements as his own triumphs.  I said to Matthew, "You must be careful.  You are causing Everett to do things that could hurt him."  Everett immediately chimed in while still sobbing, "Yes, Kuya leaded me."

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