Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break at Last!

Finally, spring break has arrived!  I am truly exhausted and am really anticipating a week of  downtime.  I will be spending some of my time preparing for a midterm in Probability and Statistics during spring break, but not having to deal with Anatomy II and literature at the same time will give me a much needed break.  Hopefully, we can find some time to do things as a family as well as to visit my sister and her family.  I know it is a much needed break for my husband as well as he spends a great deal of time helping me with my studies, frequently late at night.  Knowing that I only have six weeks left when I return from spring break also provides me with my second wind.  I know I need to really hit the books when I return if I am to get the grades I want and need, all A's.  My studies do not easily for me, so that means that I will have to work really hard to achieve my goal.  Coming back well will definitely help me accomplish this with the Lord's help.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life as a Student

     This semester at school has been extremely difficult.  At times I have wondered whether taking Anatomy II and Probability and Statistics along with an online course in literature was wise.  Between taking care of the children and the house and spending the amount of time studying that I need, it sometimes seems an impossible task.  Math is my weakest subject to begin with so the coursework in Probability and Statistics takes a huge amount of time.  Anatomy II requires a lot of memorization and my English course requires much writing in response to the required reading selections each week.  Sometimes I just feel like crying.   My husband helps me with both my math and English; however, he has never taken a course in Probability and Statistics, so it sometimes takes us several hours to complete the week's assignments.  Normally, I am early to bed and early to rise, but this semester I have been studying until 2:00 A.M. at times.  Even though it has been very difficult, I still enjoy learning; I enjoy the challenge.   One might say my life as a student is a bit of a mixed bag.
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