Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break at Last!

Finally, spring break has arrived!  I am truly exhausted and am really anticipating a week of  downtime.  I will be spending some of my time preparing for a midterm in Probability and Statistics during spring break, but not having to deal with Anatomy II and literature at the same time will give me a much needed break.  Hopefully, we can find some time to do things as a family as well as to visit my sister and her family.  I know it is a much needed break for my husband as well as he spends a great deal of time helping me with my studies, frequently late at night.  Knowing that I only have six weeks left when I return from spring break also provides me with my second wind.  I know I need to really hit the books when I return if I am to get the grades I want and need, all A's.  My studies do not easily for me, so that means that I will have to work really hard to achieve my goal.  Coming back well will definitely help me accomplish this with the Lord's help.

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