Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding Caterers-A Capital Idea!

     It has been ten years ago that I was hastily helping my husband put together the plans for our wedding.  Arriving in the United States from the Philippines in late October, I had just over one month to prepare for a wedding celebration in a strange land with different customs than those with which I was familiar.   Needless to say, that was an unforgettable month of frenzied activity filled with stress.  Fortunately, my husband-to-be helped me as much as possible; however, a good Wedding caterer would have been greatly appreciated.

     If you live on the West Coast, you are fortunate to have a great wedding catering service available to you.  One of the San Francisco wedding caterers that serves both private and corporate clients is Taste Catering.  Of all the wedding caterers in the San Francisco area, this is definitely one worth checking out.  Having a wide variety of menus and venues where they serve,  this catering service can take care of all your needs, including connecting you with wedding vendors for specialties outside the realm of catering.  Remove the hassle and stress from wedding planning and reception preparation by looking for Wedding caterers.

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