Friday, November 8, 2013

Visiting the Past in Williamsburg

     Hubby sprang a neat surprise on me with this trip to Williamsburg.  I had mentioned that I would like us to do something special for our tenth anniversary.  A few days earlier he suggested to me that since I was off from school for a day sandwiched by a couple of days that I had no classes, we could perhaps take the boys to Williamsburg for a three day field trip and spend some leisure time together.  After seeing some photos online of the area, I readily acquiesced.  It was a wonderful trip!  I was able to get some needed time away from the books while still being able to spend a little time in the evening studying, but the days were filled with fun.  I learned a lot about US history and had an even better time wandering through the many shops in the area.  I just love to go shopping even if it is only window shopping, something of which my husband is not necessarily fond.  He was a good sport though and took me to a number of shops.  I would love to visit again in December just before Christmas.

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