Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Long and Difficult Journey

     Two and a half years ago I made the decision to return to school to get a degree in the medical field.  I already had earned a degree in computer science in the Philippines, but it was long enough ago that I would still be required to return to school to update that degree.  Not wanting to enter the field of computer technology, I decided to focus my efforts in the medical field.  At first my husband and I came to the consensus that the best field for me to enter would be radiography; however, after
checking the job opportunities available at the end of my first year of studies, we revised our thought process, and I started to prepare for a career in nursing despite tremendous odds against my making it into the program.  I had been out of school for more than eleven years before returning, was starting a program that demanded a high level of excellence to even get accepted, and was studying in a language that was not my native tongue.
     Pictured above with me is a friend who was in some of my classes and was a great encouragement to me as I made this journey.  Finally, after two years of late nights and much study and lots of encouragement and prayers by my husband and sons, I received my acceptance into the program.  Although I am only a little over halfway through this journey, a tremendous hurdle has been cleared. Of more than five hundred students who applied for the program, only eighty were accepted.  I am thrilled to be entering the program.  I know there are difficult times ahead, but with the Lord's help, I know I can finish the journey.

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