Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Get-Together with the Landis Family

 This is Mrs. Landis, Jonathan's mom.  She is pretty and a very sweet lady.

 The children were  awesome! Jonathan kept them happy by playing baseball with them and giving them rides on the wagon. They had a blast!  My son Matthew asked us if we could move to Pennsylvania so he could play baseball with them again.

My sister Vine and Karen Benner are pictured here. Karen has always been a blessing to me in so many ways.  She has five wonderful kids and a big house to take care of, but she  always looks so beautiful. She is a wonderful mom and just the sweetest wife.  I have never seen her lose her poise and confidence. She is simply amazing. 

One of the highlights this summer was the get together with the Landis family.  Our family and my sister Vine and her family from South Carolina drove up to meet  the Landis family in Pennsylvania.  Jonathan had planned and arranged this get together for a while, and it finally became a reality.  Jonathan, by the way, is my sister Leah's fiance.   When we first met Jonathan two years  ago at a Thanksgiving dinner at Karen's place, hubby and I were so interested to know if he was single.  Just so you know, Jonathan is  Karen's sister and Karen  happens to be the wife of my husband's nephew. This is kind of a "merry go round" thing.  In any case, for so long we have been praying for Leah's husband, so we tried to seek one for her. Not an easy task!  We wanted to see Leah married to not just any Christian man, but a godly one who would accept and love her unconditionally.  Back to that Thanksgiving evening, I noticed that Jonathan enjoyed playing with his nieces and nephews.  For some reason, I thought about Steven, Leah's five-year-old son back in the Philippines, who did not have a daddy to enjoy and play with; I felt a pang of emptiness and sadness inside my heart for Steven.  As I looked at this six foot, good looking man playing with the kids, my heart cried to the Lord to give my sister a man like him, yes, just like Jonathan. The question was, would he even entertain the idea of meeting someone not of his own culture and from a far away land, actually from halfway across the world.  I realized that it was a long shot! My heart sank a bit. When hubby and I drove back to our hotel that night, we talked about Jonathan, and when he suggested he call Gladys, his sister, to make some inquiries about  Jonathan, I became ecstatic. I noticed Gladys and Jonathan seemed to be close Thanksgiving night.  Talking to Karen about her brother was out of question; we were not that bold. :) Hubby had to remind me over and over NOT to get my hopes up because we did not know anything about him yet.  We found out from Gladys that he was single. HALLELUJAH! It was spring of the following year when we gave the pictures of Leah to Gladys.  We asked her if she would give them to Jonathan.  Gladys said that she would give them to Karen and let Karen give them to her brother Jonathan.  Finally, one day Jonathan's dad and one of his brothers drove him to the international airport to fly to the Philippines to meet Leah while at the same time in Valencia, Philippines, my father dropped my sister Leah at the bus station to head to Cebu to  meet Jonathan.  Here are some of the pictures of them:

I do not know about that figurine fish that Jonathan was holding, but I know that they look very happy to have finally met each other.

They look in love! This shot was taken at my parents' farm in Mabuhay. Jonathan shared God's word in Papa's church there.  My papa was so taken with Jon, and he treats him like his own and is so proud of him.

They got engaged. 

They look wonderful together.  I hope that the Lord will continue to bless them everyday and become a blessing to their family and the people around them. Oh, and the get-together, it was so awesome! I love the Landis family. They are a wonderful family, and I feel so blessed that my sister has a great family here in the United States. 

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So excited for Leah and her fiancee! :)

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